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Advice You Can Rely On

Integrity, Experience And Advice You Can Rely On

Your Advocate After A Motor Vehicle Accident

Auto accidents happen far too often in Florida. If you were injured by a negligent driver in the Clearwater or Tampa Bay area, you need a lawyer who will advocate for you and your best interests. Mineo & Associates, P.A. has been representing injured clients in Tampa Bay since 1996. Attorney Wayne Mineo fights for his clients’ legal rights with integrity and skill.

Steps To Take After An Accident

If you are injured in a vehicle accident, you can easily be overwhelmed by everything that you will have to deal with. Keep in mind a few basic steps as you move forward through the aftermath of the accident:

  • Get medical attention
  • Take pictures of your injuries
  • Make sure pictures are taken of the vehicle damage
  • Contact Mineo & Associates, P.A.
  • Let attorney Mineo handle all communication with opposing insurance and attorneys

If you are physically able, you must obtain the negligent driver’s information, license, insurance information and car owner information. Call the police and take as many pictures as possible of the accident, location and landmarks of the accident site. Make sure you obtain the telephone numbers and addresses of any witnesses.

The reasons for these steps lie in the fact that your claim could lead to a personal injury lawsuit: matters become divided between “your side” and “their side.” Anyone from “their side” is not your friend, whether it is the other driver, their lawyers or their insurance company.

Take Care Of Yourself First

As the victim of an accident involving a car or truck, the most important thing to do is to take care of your physical injuries. It is also important that you always follow the directions of your doctor from that point on. Do not try to “rush” your recovery. If the doctor tells you to refrain from certain types of activity, do not attempt them.

In addition, try to keep track of all documents for your treatment. The reports of emergency personnel and doctors will be an important component of your case. Be sure to have all continuing instructions from your doctor at hand. If there are any changes in your treatment, add those documents to your file and also be sure to inform attorney Mineo of these facts.

Were You Injured In A Motorcycle Crash?

Attorney Mineo knows how to effectively deal with the bias that motorcyclists and their passengers often experience from law enforcement investigating the accident, as well as from juries and insurance adjusters. Your claim may include:

  • Medical bills and ongoing medical treatment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of wages
  • Property damage to your motorcycle and protective gear

If you are a motorcyclist who has sustained serious injuries in a motorcycle accident, please contact Mineo & Associates, P.A. to obtain the damages to which you are entitled.

Filing A Claim After A Bicycle Accident

One of the most vulnerable travelers on the road is the bicyclist. Because the bicyclist is frequently moving in the midst of motor vehicles, most bicycle accidents are the result of the cyclist being hit by a car or truck. Even the most cautious and careful bicyclist may become the victim of a serious accident. If you were injured in a bicycle accident, make sure you have an experienced personal injury attorney who will fight for the compensation you deserve. Attorney Mineo has over 30 years of trial experience, standing up for the rights of injured clients.

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