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Advice You Can Rely On

Integrity, Experience And Advice You Can Rely On

Did You Lose A Loved One In An Accident?

When a loved one dies in an accident caused by someone else, you may not know what to do next or where to turn. Although you may not want to think about legal action, you need to manage the bills coming in and the insurance company may even reach out to you. These cases are complex and you may need guidance.

Attorney Wayne Mineo can help you navigate the process and will handle the legal issues so you can focus on your family. Attorney Mineo has over 35 years of trial experience and understands how to help families through this difficult time. He founded Mineo & Associates, P.A., to fight for the rights of injured clients in the Clearwater and Tampa Bay area with compassion and integrity.

Compensation For A Wrongful Death

In Florida, the appointed personal representative of the deceased’s probate estate can bring the wrongful death claim on behalf of the survivors after a fatal accident. Eligible survivors usually include the spouse, children or parents of the deceased. The claim can include compensation for the following:

  • Medical costs
  • Funeral expenses
  • Mental anguish, pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium and companionship
  • Loss of parental support
  • Loss of financial support

In order to bring a claim in Florida, you must file within two years from the date of death in most cases.

The insurance company may try to offer you a settlement, but make sure you speak with an experienced wrongful death lawyer before signing anything. Remember that the insurance company’s goal is to pay as little as possible for your claim. They usually make a first offer for much less than a case is worth, hoping the person will accept the low offer and bar themselves from any future claims.

Accidents That Result In Fatalities

Although fatal accidents can happen in many ways, there are some types of accidents that are more dangerous than others. Examples of accidents that often lead to death include:

These are just a few examples. To find out more about your own case, speak with attorney Mineo. He is ready to fight for you and your family through tenacious representation at every stage. Whether you seek to settle your claim or wish to go to trial, he will put you at the center of the case and help you achieve the outcome you are looking for.

Find Out How Mineo & Associates, P.A., Can Help

Attorney Mineo is here to help your family obtain the financial compensation you need and deserve. To schedule a free consultation, please contact him online or call his Clearwater office at 727-350-2266 or 855-619-3664.